Study Digital Humanities at the University of Leipzig

The Humboldt Chair at the University of Leipzig offers a selection of English-language courses in the Digital Humanities that may be taken in sequence or individually. Some of these courses are part of the Bachelor Program in Digital Humanities (B.Sc.) that is going to be offered from the Winter Semester 2016. We also welcome enquiries from prospective Masters or PhD students: interested students should consult the team pages for information on staff research areas.

Digital Humanities Courses

In the Department of Digital Humanities, staff and students work at the intersection between traditional manual philology and automated methods to increase the understanding of all antiquity, including the events of both the physical and intellectual world. A particular strength of the department is digital philology, with a special emphasis on historical languages including Classical Arabic, Classical Greek, Latin, and Classical Persian.
Note: particularly promising students enrolled in these classes will have an opportunity to work as research assistants, where they can apply the skills that they acquire in their classes. We particularly encourage ambitious students from outside Leipzig to consider this option to help support their stay.

Winter Semester Courses:
E-Humanities Seminar (Prof. Gregory R. Crane)
Trends in Computer Science (Prof. Gregory R. Crane)
Digital Philology (DH.DP) (Dr. Monica Berti)
Introduction to Digital Humanities (DH.EDH); Coding for Humanities (DH.EDH) (Dr. Thomas Köntges)

Summer Semester Courses:
Citizen Science in the Humanities: Methods and Trends (Dr. Thomas Köntges)
Digital Classics (SunoikisisDC) (Dr. Monica Berti)
Einführung in die digitale Philologie (DH.IDP) (Dr. Monica Berti)

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