Summer Semester 2014/2015

Digital Classics (Sunoikisis) (DH.DC)


Sunoikisis is a successful consortium of Classics programs developed by the Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies. The goal is to extend the Sunoikisis model to an international audience and to contribute to it with a Digital Classics course. This course is based at the Alexander von Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities at the University of Leipzig. The goal is to offer a collaborative course that fosters interdisciplinary paradigms of learning. Master students of both the humanities and computer science are welcome to join the course and work together by contributing to digital classics projects.


By taking this course students will get skills and competences in digital editing and computational analysis of ancient sources. The course is addressed to both humanists, who are interested in learning and dealing with topics for digital scholarly editing, and to computer scientists who need to learn methodologies and reference tools for understanding scholarly editions in their original contexts and make appropriate encoding decisions. Humanists will learn the impact of new media on both the development and communication of research data related to classical philology, in order to pose new questions and develop new insights when dealing with literary and historical texts. Computer scientists will work on automatic text alignment, multilingual topic modelling, social network analysis, text reuse and allusion detection, and temporal spatial data visualization. Research topics will also include evaluation of technology among different user groups and the development of standards for new modes of publication. Students will learn to interpret and classify historical and literary data, in order to implement digital editing workflows and to choose the best methods to solve research problems.

Course details

Course Name
Digital Classics (Sunoikisis) (DH.DC)

Monica Berti

Class Meetings
Paulinum – P-402
Tuesdays 17:00-18:30


Advanced module for Master of Computer Science and for Master of Arts

English level B2 or higher

Method of Teaching
– Seminar “Digital Classics (Sunoikisis)” (2 SWS) = 30h attendance and 30h self-study
– Seminar on-line “Digital Classics (Sunoikisis)” (2 SWS) = 30h attendance and 60h self-study
– Praktikum (0 SWS) = 150h Selbststudium

10 LP = 300 working hours