Most commonly students and young people live together in one apartment in Leipzig where everybody has their own room but share one or several kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. This concept is called Wohngemeinschaft (living community), abbreviated WG. If you find a room that you like on one of the common websites, you most likely will have to go to the apartment for an interview. If you are in another country, many WGs do interviews via Skype. It’s a great way to save some money, move into an already furnished room and to live with some Germans or other internationals. http://www.wg-gesucht.de/en/

Apartmentsleipzig-263165_640 (1)
If you would rather rent your own apartment, you can find some listings on the same website. Just click on Wohnungen (apartments) or 1-Zimmer-Wohnungen (one room apartments) and you will find listings for apartments together with some contact information. In Germany, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom do not count as rooms. So a two room apartment will have two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and hallway. http://www.wg-gesucht.de/en/

Student Housing
The University of Leipzig provides housing opportunities for their students. The dormitories are not directly on-campus but scattered around the whole city, some closer to the center and some further away. You will have your own room, but share kitchen and bathroom, just like in a WG. Rooms are furnished, rents vary. Contracts are signed for a year minimum. Apply online: https://www.studentenwerk-leipzig.de/en/housing


Tours by Double-Decker Bus
You can start to discover Leipzig by sitting on one of the famous red busses or take a special tour, for example a Leipzig Beer Tour. www.leipzigerstadtrundfahrten.de

Eat the World
Eat the World offers culinary walking tours through Leipzig. For booking an English tour you need to call, while places on German tours can be booked online. http://www.eat-the-world.com/en/leipzig.html

Flea Markets
Every first Saturday of the month there is a small flea market with food and live music at the Feinkost. Students and families sell clothes, accessories and books. For antiques and furniture, the Agra Flohmarkt is the better choice. Go there every last weekend of the month. To check out exact dates, locations and all other flea markets go to: http://www.leipzig-leben.de/flohmarkt-leipzig-termine-2014/

Boat Rentals and Motor Boat Tours
Leisure time in Schleußig. www.bootsbau-herold.de

Swimming and Canoeingriver-255558_640 (1)
Overview of the lakes around Leipzig, most famous are Cospudener See and Markkleeberger See. http://www.leipzigseen.de/die-seen.html
Markkleeberg just outside of Leipzig has a huge Kanupark (canoe park) where you can also go kayaking, rafting or tubing. www.kanupark-markkleeberg.com

Germany’s famous for it! Here you can find games in Leipzig www.leipziger-fussball.de/ and here play yourself http://www.kickerhall.de/

Sportpark Leipzig
Sport facilities to practice tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis. Schongauer Straße 37, 04329 Leipzig. www.sportpark-leipzig.de/

Panometer Leipzig 
A amazingly real 360 ° panorama displaying Leipzig 1813 – In den Wirren der Völkerschlacht (Leipzig 1813 – Amidst the Confusion of the Battle of the Nations) by Berlin artist Yadegar Asisi.  Richard-Lehmann-Straße 114, 04275 Leipzig. http://www.asisi.de/index.php?id=7&L=1#asisi_index_id_73

Museum of Fine Arts – Museum der bildenden Künste
Arts from mediaeval until contemporary times. Various exhibitions. Katharinenstraße 10, 04109 Leipzig. http://www.mdbk.de/

Monument to the Battle of Nations – Völkerschlachtdenkmal
The Monument to the Battle of Nations, a huge memorial to death and freedom in Europe, rises 91 meters into the sky. It is located near the site of Napoleon’s former command post during the Battle of Leipzig in 1813. 364 steps lead to a viewing platform with a good view of Leipzig and the surrounding area. The impressive monument complex with the integrated museum gives insights into the events of the Battle of Leipzig and its aftermath. Straße des 18. Oktober 100, 04299 Leipzig. www.voelkerschlachtdenkmal.de/

Old Town Hall – Altes Rathaus
The first building on the Market Square invites you to take a journey back through the centuries in Leipzig, the city of trade, the city of fairs and the city of 1989’s.
The first building on the Market Square invites you to take a journey back through the centuries in Leipzig, the city of trade, the city of fairs and the city of 1989’s “peaceful revolution.”Markt 1, 04109 Leipzig.

Three Museums in one – Applied Arts, Ethnology and Musical Instruments. The latter, opened in 1929, is known for active research and education, and it is open to all friends of music.Johannisplatz 5-11, 04103 Leipzig. www.grassimuseum.de/

Museum zur runden Ecke (Memorial Museum in the Round Corner)
The Citizens Committee originated during the Peaceful Revolution in 1989 and is still committed to its central appeal for freedom and democracy. In August 1990 this non-profit association opened the exhibition “Stasi – Power and Banality” in the authentic premises of the former district headquarters of the Stasi, the secret service of the former GDR. Dittrichring 24, 04109 Leipzig. www.runde-ecke-leipzig.de/

Coffee Baum
Coffee museum without entrance fee, three different coffee houses (Viennese, Arabic and French) in the same building.Kleine Fleischergasse 04, 04109 Leipzig. www.coffe-baum.de

Zoo Leipzig
Zoo Leipzig belongs to the most modern and innovative zoos in the world and is said to be Germany’s most beautiful zoo. In 2011, the Gondwanaland openend, a tropical experience world with more than 17,000 tropical plants, 300 exotic animals and a rain forest. Pfaffendorfer Straße 29, 04105 Leipzig.www.zoo-leipzig.de

Nikolaikirche – St. Nicholas
Founded around 1165, St. Nicholas played an important role during the Peaceful Revolution in 1989. Nikolaikirchhof 3, 04109 Leipzig. www.nikolaikirche-leipzig.de/

Thomaskirche – St. Thomas Church
St. Thomas is the home of the world famous St. Thomas Boys Choir and the final resting place of Johann Sebastian Bach.Thomaskirchhof 18, 04109 Leipzig. www.thomaskirche.org/

CineStar , Petersstraße 44, 04109 Leipzig,  www.cinestar.de/de/kino/leipzig-cinestar/
Passage Kinos, Hainstraße 19a, 04109 Leipzig, www.passage-kinos.de/
Kinobar Prager Frühling, Bernhard-Göring-Straße 152, 04277 Leipzig,  www.kinobar-leipzig.de/

To check the programmE for films in original language with subtitles (OmU version), go to: http://www.meinkinoprogramm.de/kinofilme-omu-of-3d.php?Stadt=Leipzig&

Concerts, Opera and Musicals
Check http://www.eventim.de/ for all kinds of concerts and musicals, also of international artists. For local events, go to http://kreuzer-leipzig.de/. Classical concerts in the concert hall Gewandhaus and the opera (Oper) are listed here http://www.gewandhaus.de/spielplan/.

Moritzbastei: A club in the only remaining part of the city wall of Leipzig. Big parties on Wednesday and Saturday.  Universitätsstraße 9, 04109 Leipzig. www.moritzbastei.de/
Spizz: A bar on the top floor, a club in the basement. A Leipzig music and jazz club, Wednesdays Piano Boogie Night, Jazz Funk Disco on Fridays and Saturdays. Markt 9, 04109 Leipzig. http://www.spizz.org/

To check dates for plays and dramas, go to http://kreuzer-leipzig.de/termine/theater/.

English Quiz Night
Every Tuesday the Irish pub Noel’s Ballroom hosts a quiz night in English. There’s no participation fee. Questions are tough but you can win free drinks! Kurt-Eisner-Straße 43, 04275 Leipzig. http://noels-ballroom.com/


In the streets Barfußgässchen, Fleischergasse, and Klostergasse are more than 30 pubs, restaurants and trendy bars. Bars, clubs, andrestaurants can be found in the Gottschedstraße and Karl-Liebknecht-Straße. Small shops offer a variety of national and international food (the German kebab Döner, bagels, noodles, fish dishes, sushi, vegetarian food etc.). McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks are also in the city. In Germany, you pay for water in restaurants. At fast food places, ketchup and other sauces for fries and onion rings are usually not for free but have to be paid for.

auerbachs-cellar-365631_640San Remo: Really great, inexpensive pizza and yummy homemade ice-cream. Right by the campus. Nikolaistraße 1, 04109 Leipzig. http://www.sanremo-leipzig.de/

Auerbachs Keller: Traditional restaurant, Goethe was here. Food and drinks are rather expensive but good.Grimmaische Straße 2-4, 04109 Leipzig. www.auerbachs-keller-leipzig.de

Alte Nikolaischule: Opened as the first school in Leipzig city in 1511/12, today it’s a traditional German restaurant. Not exactly student prices.Nikolaikirchhof 02, 04109 Leipzig. www.alte-nikolaischule.de

Panorama: Nickname: Uni-Riese (university giant), viewing platform in 120 meters (393 feet). Best view of Leipzig with an entrance fee of 3 Euro but the view is for free if you eat at the restaurant.Augustusplatz 09, 04109 Leipzig. www.panorama-leipzig.de

Gasthof & Gosebrauerei Bayerischer Bahnhof: Largest terminal station in Europe.Bayrischer Platz 1, 04103 Leipzig. www.bayerischer-bahnhof.de

Indian Garden: Indian specialty restaurant, lunch offeres.Nikolaistraße 40, 04109 Leipzig. www.indian-garden.de/

Tuk Tuk: The best Thai restaurant in town. Münzgasse 22, 04107 Leipzig. http://www.tuktuk-leipzig.de/

La Strada: Big, delicious pizzas for small prices. Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 56A, 04275 Leipzig. http://www.lastradaleipzig.de/

Burgermeister: Not technically a restaurant but famous in Leipzig. This burger grill has great burgers, a lot of vegetarian choices, delicious sweet potatoe fries and is open until early morning (until 6/7am on Saturday/Sunday mornings). Südplatz 1, 04107 Leipzig. http://www.burgermeister-leipzig.de/

Coffee Culture: Right by the university, this coffee house sells some snacks and good coffee for small prices. Universitätsstraße 14, 04109 Leipzig.

Café Kandler: Great homemade cakes, tea and coffee. They are also selling the traditional Leipzig Lark (Leipziger Lerche), a famous small tart. Thomaskirchhof 11, 04109 Leipzig. http://www.cafekandler.de/ 

Kowalski: Kowalski is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and always offers freshly made cake. Ferdinand-Rhode-Straße 12, 04107 Leipzig. http://www.das-kowalski.de/

Leos Brasserie: Cheap food and drinks, always a lot going on. Reichsstraße 20, 04109 Leipzig. http://www.leosbrasserie.de/

Café WaldiDecorated like grandma’s living room. Music and dance on Fridays and Saturdays. Peterssteinweg 10, 04107 Leipzig. http://www.cafewaldi.de/

Killiwilly: Traditional Irish pub on the bar mileKarli. Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 44, 04107 Leipzig. http://www.killiwilly.de/

The most known supermarkets in Leipzig are Aldi, Konsum, Lidl, Netto, and Rewe of which Konsum is the most expensive and Aldi and Lidl the cheapest. Supermarkets, as all shops, are closed on Sundays (except in the train station, they are open until 6 pm). See the Business Hours section. Here the addresses for the stores in the city center:

Konsum, directly opposite of the Seminargebäude of the University, Universitätstraße 16, 04109 Leipzig.

Lidl in the the shopping arcade Petersbogen Petersstraße 36-44, 04109 Leipzig.

Netto, a little hidden in the shopping arcade Strohsackpassage, Nikolaistraße 6, 04109 Leipzig.

Aldi and Rewe are on the basement level of the Main Station.

Leipzig’s Fresh Foods Market, where agricultural products from the region and from Europe are sold by farmersis on Tuesday and Friday in front of the old city hall on the Market Square.