iLatin and eGreek Conference – Ancient Languages and New Technologies

iLatin and eGreek Conference – Ancient Languages and New Technologies

Authored and posted by Emily Franzini.

On 1st February the Open University in London hosted the iLatin and eGreek conference, a young and friendly gathering for those Classicists (most of us teachers, university professors or researchers) embracing the digital era and deciding that eLearning is not such a bad idea for those struggling with the declensions!

James Robson and Mair Lloyd did a wonderful job of organising everything and between posh accents, tea and delicious chocolate biscuits the day flew by and interesting points were made. The speakers listed and explained some of the tools they have used, or even created, to help their students better understand and appreciate Latin and Greek and vocalised some of the problems they themselves face with financing their projects, making the material compelling and reaching students on a variety of platforms. It was general consensus that many universities in the UK urgently need to step up their game and introduce more modern Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) in order to cater for a growing number of students…yes, even in the Classics, would you believe it?

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