Digital Rosetta Stone

Monica Berti (University of Leipzig, Digital Humanities)
Franziska Naether (University of Leipzig, Ägytpologisches Institut)

Research Assistants
Miriam Amin (University of Leipzig)
Josephine Hensel (University of Leipzig)

The Digital Rosetta Stone (Der Stein von Rosette digital) is a project for producing a digital edition of the Rosetta Stone with textual alignment, translation alignment and morphosyntactic annotations of the three scripts of the inscription. The project is led by Monica Berti (AvH Lehrstuhl für DH der Universität Leipzig) and Franziska Naether (Ägyptologisches Institut der Universität Leipzig), and it is supported by the project StiL – Studieren in Leipzig for the academic year 2017/2018.

Universität Leipzig Nachrichten – Pressemitteilung 22.09.2017