Open Greek and Latin workshop

This year’s European Summer School in Digital Humanities at the University of Leipzig will offer an Open Greek and Latin workshop! The goal of the Open Greek and Latin workshop is to teach basic and advanced tools for dealing with Greek and Latin in a digital environment. Participants can attend both courses or just one of them according to their interests and needs.

Block 1 (5 days = 16 hrs) EpiDoc and CTS/CITE Architecture (Monica Berti and Simona Stoyanova)
This block will be devoted to introducing EpiDoc, which is a subset of the TEI XML standard for encoding scholarly and educational editions of ancient documents. Participants will learn to work with inscriptions and manuscripts, and a special focus will be given to print collections of fragmentary works. The block will also introduce the CTS/CITE Architecture for producing canonical references to ancient documents.

Block 2 (5 days = 16 hrs) Linguistic annotations (Giuseppe Celano)
The aim of this block is to introduce participants to linguistic annotations of ancient texts by learning how to encode the morphological, syntactic, and lexical information of sentences in Greek and Latin texts. The work will be based on the ancient languages dependency treebanks developed by the Perseus Project.


Come join us!

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